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In 2014 a 5 year plan for the Irish node of CECAM was developed. It is downloadable  here  cecam-irl2014-2019-plan. Much of  the programme has been already been implemented.  A revised plan is in preparation for 2017-2022. Since  December 2015, Irish membership of CECAM has been funded by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation through the Irish University Association.


The origin of CECAM-IRL was an annual meeting of the atomistic and nanoscale simulators of Ireland, which held their 16th meeting in January 2012 gathering researchers from several institutions across Ireland, North and South. Their activities grew along side European sponsored initiatives, in particular, Ψk the electronic structure network focused mostly on condensed matter theory and computation, and SIMU and SimBioMa programmes, focused primarily on statistical mechanics and molecular simulation relevant molecular problems, soft-matter and biophysics. This led to Ireland becoming a CECAM member under the auspices of the Irish University Association, and one of the founding nodes of the multi-nodal CECAM. Since 2007, 25 CECAM workshops and tutorials have been held in Ireland with the generous support in particular of Science Foundation Ireland, the European Science Foundation, and the Ψk network. One consequence of this collaboration has been the creation of an informal graduate school of nano-scale simulation. In 2015 the CECAM Ireland coordinated a major European e-infrastructure proposal on behalf of 14  CECAM nodes and  4 National Super Computer Centres called E-CAM. The proposal was approved in May 2015 and  started  October 2015.

The interests of CECAM-IRL laboratories range from condensed matter to soft-matter, spintronics to rare-event methods, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and astrophysics. Some of our future goals will be to strengthen our links with other very active communities where molecular mechanisms are ubiquitous such as food science, pharma, and advanced materials and of course industry

Dr. Donal Mac Kernan

Director, CECAM-IRL